Chippenham Beer Festival - 2012

Everyone we spoke to had a great time. Many spoke of the great atmosphere, even in a large, well-lit sport hall, the friendly and helpful staff, and the great range of ales and ciders.

The absence of music on Friday night was accepted by most festival goers who wanted to meet friends and chat whilst enjoying the drinks available.

Have a look at the photograph gallery which will have images from this years event.

Thanks are due to the Olympiad for their wonderful support, and to the musicians for their sessions.  Thank you to all our hard working volunteers, and most of all thank you to all who attended and made it such a great event… we hope to see you all again soon.

Beer of the Festival (as voted by those attending)

1st      Oakham, Citra

2nd     Cairngorm, Trade Winds and Dark Star, American Pale Ale

Cider/Perry of the Festival (as voted by those attending)

1st      Moles - Black Rat Perry

2nd     Westcroft - Janets Jungle Juice

3rd      Sherston Cider - Special Reserve

At this year's festival we were also asked to set up a blind tasting panel to chose a beer from the South West Region to put forward to the national final.
Each CAMRA beer Festival in the South West was asked to vote on one particular beer type, i.e. Mild, Bitter, Best Bitter, Stout, etc..
The winner from each of those festivals was available at the Chippenham Beer festival and our tasting panel, after blind tasting, chose Arbor Ales, Oyster Stout as the beer to go on to the National was hard job but someone had to do it!

Gareth MacDonald – Chairman of the Beer festival sub committee
Dave Maloney – Chairman NW Wilts CAMRA

CAMRA Roundel Blue bottom