Cider & Perry

We are, obviously, not concerned with fizzy keg cider or bottled 'pear cider'.     This is the real beverage made from the fermented  juice of apples and nothing else! A ridiculous amount of the fizzy cider you see today is made from imported apple concentrate.

Perry, naturally, is made only from Perry Pears, a strain which had nearly become extinct! Perry is still relatively rare, with only a few pubs stocking it.  The Three Crowns in Chippenham is the only one in our branch of which we know.  Please let us know should this be incorrect .  More perry pear trees are being planted so, hopefully, a greater variety of Perry will be available soon.

More information about real cider and perry can be found here and details of local suppliers and pubs that sell real cider can be found farther down the page.

Local cider producers and stockists

High Street, Littleton Panell, Devizes. SN10 4EN
01380 816669
Seend. SN12 6PN
Slaughterford Mill.
07590 264804

List of pubs in our area that sell real Cider and/or Perry - please tell us of others you know.

Holford Arms
Sherston Cider
Three Crowns
Three ever-changing ciders and perry
01249 449029
Jolly Huntsman
Kingston St Michael
Moles Black Rat
01249 750305
The Bell, The Wharf
01249 730308
Rising Sun, Bowden Hill
Moles Black Rat
01249 730363
Whole Hog
01666 825845
Brewery Inn
Seend Cleeve
Thatchers Cheddar Valley and Heritage
01380 828463
Bridge House (Wetherspoons)
Westons Old Rosie (bottled), Marcle Hill
01249 450980
Three Magpies
Sells Green
Westons Old Rosie
01380 828389