Real Ale Pubs in our branch area via local buses

Compared with other parts of the country our local public transport system is not necessarily the best for routes or frequency of services. However, we have put together an Ale Trail using public transport, which will allow visits to over 60 pubs. It is even possible to purchase a Rover Ticket.

The hub of these bus routes is Chippenham but they can be adapted, and journeys can start from any town/village en route. We plan to add to the routes as we find time to research them.

How does it work?

From the links below simply chose from a table (Pubs & Buses) which lists 10 routes with links to timetables and a list of pubs on that particular route OR choose a linear schematic of routes to the north or south of Chippenham, again with links to timetables and a list of pubs on any chosen route.

Print whatever details are needed for the selected trip and enjoy the experience of the pubs. There are schematics of the three major towns (with a list of relevant real ale pubs) that are also printable. Please do read the notes at the bottom of each route page.

It is possible also to choose to view or print a list of pubs by name or by town.

All the pages have links, where applicable, to pub websites or bus time tables

To keep the trail updated please take the time to email us with any changes to the pubs, bus stops, timetable, etc..

Pubs & Buses - main planner
Routes south of Chippenham
Northern Lights
Routes north of Chippenham
Chippenham map
Corsham map
Northern Lights
Malmesbury map